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Chester Bennington talks about career journey and past Philippine Linkin Park concert

By: MYX Philippines

“When I was young, I was a little guy. I always kinda had big dreams… either performing in plays on Broadway, or being a rockstar,” said Chester Bennington, the vocalist of the American rock band called Linkin Park. Forward in the future, we look at him now, maybe not as the thespian he thought he would be but, as the rockstar that he is.

“Those were pretty much the two things I wanted to do in life,” he went on saying when got the chance to speak with him via phone patch earlier today (June 21, 2013).

“I would say I’ve not only reached my dreams in Linkin Park but I have surpassed anything that I could have ever imagined,” said Chester. Being a frontman for Linkin Park, sticking with band and making music with his co-members all these years has made it possible for him to play for millions of fans across the globe. “It’s just insane. It opened the door for me to play with a lot of the people that I personally respect as musicians. I’ve got to do some really really great things outside of Linkin Park because of what I’ve accomplished with Linkin Park…with the rest of the guys. So yeah, I would say that I have definitely reached my goal,” he shared.

From being that young spirit who looked up to Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Jane’s Addiction and Ministry, Chester has grown and worked hard enough to make himself now one artist young fans look up to as well.

Add to that the fact that Chester is now the front man of one of his favorite bands during his youth. His recent addition to Stone Temple Pilots proves even more how successful and blessed he really is when it comes to turning his dreams into a reality.

When he was asked about the experience of playing with the mentioned band, Chester said, “right away, we got along really well.” He said and I quote, “they are phenomenal musicians…they are also really really good at writing songs. That makes my job a lot easier.” He spoke of how being in the band has been so fulfilling when it comes to inspiring melody.

“When you add something new to a group of creative people, everything kinda gets in overdrive,” Chester expounded. He elaborated on how they get inspired quickly to write a lot of music and come up with a lot of demos. He stressed their gravity of their professional relationship with one another by saying, “they respect what I do, and I respect them tremendously.”

But how does he do it? How does he manage to balance working on more than one band? tried to find out just how Chester operates.

“Some days, I work 15 or 16 hours. If I have to go write with Linkin Park and then come back and write with Stone Temple Pilots the same day, those days get long. But I mean, long days don’t matter when you’re doing what you love,” he said.

How about his family you may ask? Chester is a husband and father aside from being a well recognized artist. When asked about balancing his work with his family life, Chester said, “It’s tricky. You need to know when it’s a good time to go in, and stay home… and focus on the relationship that matters the most.”

Work can take over from time to time but Chester makes sure that he gets to leave time for his family and himself.

All this success branched out from all the hard work he and his bandmates put into their band Linkin Park. They write songs that resonate with the public and keep them wanting more.

The band will be coming back to the Philippines after 9 years. “It’s crazy to think that it’s been 9 years since we’ve been there. ‘Cause it doesn’t feel that long. But at the same time we feel like we’re due… Our fans are ready for us to be there. I think it’s going to be a more memorable experience than the first time.” got Chester to do a little reminiscing when he was asked about his memory of the Philippines. He shared how he felt so at home. “I remember being shocked about how familiar things were when I got there… There’s a lot of Hispanic influence. So being form Arizona, South California…there’s a lot of that in our lives. So it felt kinda good to be so far away from home but still have that familiar feeling. That was really cool.”

As for the concert, Chester said: “The show was pretty crazy. We got a lot of passionate fans out there so we really enjoyed playing there,” he said. He continued on saying “it’s pretty crazy, you know? The fact that we have such a wide fan base all around the world is not something many bands have the opportunity to have.” For Linkin Park, it’s definitely an honor and privilege unlike any other.

This August 13, 2013, the Mall of Asia Arena will house a group of roaring Linkin Park Fans as co-lead vocalist Chester, drummer and percussionist Rob, guitarist Brad, bassist Dave, DJ and programmer Joe and co-lead vocals, keyboards and guitarist Mike come back to Manila for their Living Things World Tour.  Will you miss out?